Sunday, October 18, 2009

Fall 2009 - Sabotaged?

As I said about 3 weeks ago,
I love Fall !
The leaves turning colors
The crunching sound they make under my feet.
The burgundy and rust colored plumes of the
tall prairie grasses waving in the breezes.
The cold mornings
The sunny days
The birds gathering into flocks; instinctively
being drawn south.
The pelicans resting on Milford Lake; gathering strength
for the remainder of their journey to the Gulf.

The squirrels frantically furiously gathering black walnuts
in the yard; precariously dodging the dogs
in anticipation of the coming barrenness.

For some strange reason, these squirrels have reminded me of a quote by Malcolm Hancock. I don't know why, but it just came to me as I was sitting here typing; "If you're not outraged, you're not paying attention."

They know their purpose. They have a plan.
Deliberately and diligently preparing for the future - whatever that future might be.
They ARE paying attention!
Hour after hour,
Day after day.

And outrage! - especially if you've ever sat under "their" tree reading a book or trying to rest.
I've been scolded, chattered at, and had walnuts & twigs dropped onto my head & into my books.
"You are in my way! I've got things to do and places to go", they chide. "Don't you know what's coming?
And . . . they do NOT give up until they have made you moved.
I know!

Hmmm! I muse:
Am I deliberately preparing for the future?
Am I paying attention?
Am I outraged over the wrongs and furiously fighting for the right?
Or am I so overwhelmed with all the wrongs and evil that I've become desensitized and apathetic?
Can one person really make a difference?

"OUR" plans were to:
plant the wheat,
harvest the soybeans,
gather the cattle,
separate the calves,
harvest the milo,
go home to Gerry, NY,
and on & on,

Why we almost had the dates already marked off
on the calendar.
Wheat planted: check.
soybeans cut: check.

"Our" plans have been sabotaged.
What's the deal with all the rain?
Can't plant wheat. The soggy empty fields just
sitting there 'in waiting'.
The soybeans still hanging there, impatiently now,
taunting as we drive by
The milo with it's large reddish colored heads still arrogantly
standing there with their "I don't care" attitude.
And they don't care.
They don't mind the snow at all.
They will stand there a long time with that snow cap on their proud heads.

There is a lesson here - somewhere,
Several lessons if we think long enough.

The question in my mind is:
What made me think that "our" plans would usurp everything else? Shouldn't my concern have been;
"Were God's plans sabotaged this Fall?"

Keep on keeping on.
Hour after hour.
Day after Day.
God is still on His throne
And . . . whatever you do,
Don't give up!
Chatter, chide, drop those walnuts when necessary, to accomplish what's right.

God Reigns!
He deserves our praise and our support


  1. I love reading your comments. I have never read a blog before. It seems like a natural fit for you.

  2. Very well put! If we could just slow down daily, enough to think more deeply.....