Sunday, June 19, 2011

the other side of Mother's & Father's Day

Mother's & Father's Day is a day of:  struggle,  remorse, and grief for :
  • the parent who has lost a child, whether by miscarriage, as a young child or as an adult.  
  • the person who wanted to be a mother or father, but could not;  
  • the parent  who feels they should have been a better parent;
  • the parent whose child is in jail or prison;
  • the parent who is estranged from their children;
  • the person who gave up her child and wonders where that child is today.
  • the woman who aborted her child and wonders how they would look today.
  • any person who has lost their loving mother or father. 
  • any person who had an emotionally detached or abusive mother and/or father. 

For my husband and I, Mother's Day & Father's Day have been a bittersweet day.
For almost 26 years. 

Why Mother's Day?  Why Father's Day?