Friday, November 13, 2009

Life - What a Treasure!

Four (4) years ago tonight, I was given a gift
My husband!

No – it wasn’t my wedding.
We’d been married 38 years.

So - how could I possibly be given something I already had?

Well . . sometimes we do not know we have
something, until it is taken away -
or, thankfully, 'almost' taken away.

My strong energetic husband
was unwillingly & unwittingly
plunged into a fight for his very life.


4 years ago tonight he was on a ventilator!
In surgery into the early morning hours,
as an awesome trauma team fought to save his life.
Fought to put him back together.

His future unknown.
My future unknown.

A victim of a cruel and heartless crime!
Who would have thought?

We would learn of fear and terror,
panic attacks and nightmares.

But - how blessed I am
to have been given my husband back.

How special he is
so witty and funny and serious and caring
so handsome

How important his life is to me
How lost I'd be without him

What a gift!
And I'd had it all the time.

The lesson for me has been this;

I would not have realized this gift if
the events of November 13, 2005
would not have happened.

I would have continued to have gone about my everyday
routines of life without appreciation for my spouse. 

How many other people am I doing that to?
It makes me stop to wonder why we take for
granted those closest to us. 

Thanks Lord, for the reminder.


  1. So glad your strong (and stubborn - let's face it, he HAD to be stubborn) husband made it down the road, so you could help him thru and realize how important you are to each other...
    I often think about how strong you both are and how the awful events of that night led to our friendship.

  2. Jan, that is beautiful! What an amazing testimony of God's love and gift to you. It reminds me of the title of my book if I ever get it written: The Gift of Suffering. You have discovered that gift! God is so good!