Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Blue Birds in December ? ?

There were at least three blue birds outside my window this afternoon ! !

Not Blue Jays - Blue Birds !!

Calmly eating berries - that I hadn't gotten around to removing this fall.

Don't they know it's winter?
Aren't they supposed to go south?                                   

I'm shocked.  I'm excited !
I've not seen blue birds in my yard before,
let alone in December.

Oh - I know what's going on,
maybe these are blue birds that see everything in 'black and white' -
like, maybe they are very literal in their thinking.

After all - winter doesn't officially arrive until December 21st.  Right?

Silly birds.

Or, maybe they knew I'd be snowed in today:
knew I'd enjoy something colorful
something I'd not seen before,
something to make me smile,
to get excited about,

I'm sure that's it. 
God sent them to brighten my dismal gloomy day.

They aren't looking very happy at the moment, tho
All puffed-up,
trying to trap their body heat under their feathers
just trying to stay warm

Acting like it's cold or something.
Don't think they were expecting below zero temps with 12 inches of blowing snow.

Of course, they weren't.  It's not winter yet. 

I'm not sure it's always good to be 'literal'.

Not that these birds made that mistake!
Maybe they are from up north and this is 'south' to them.
Maybe they are doing the right thing.
after all, they do have plenty of food today and
for several more days to come.

Sometimes we have to go with our 'gut',
go with common sense.

Sometimes we need to do what's right rather than
what's expected or popular.

Personally - the more I think of it,
there are some things that are not black and white,
maybe not even 'right or wrong'.

I was supposed to clean the weeds out of my flower beds.
I didn't.
But hey!  Today I have blue birds eating outside my window.
Do you?

Everyone knows you don't leave weeds in your flower beds.
Why, it's just wrong!
It gives an unkempt look.
Makes the neighbors raise their brow,
It helps spread more weeds, for goodness sake!

May God give me the wisdom to know the difference between what issues are:
black & white;
literal or figurative;
fact and fiction;
right and wrong;
good and evil;
the truth and a lie;
what makes a difference or doesn't;

or maybe even more profoundly

what's even important at all. 
in our own lives
in our interactions with others
in our relationship with God

Are we just trying to please others,
or doing the right and good thing. 

As for the weeds and the blue birds,
I may just allow the weeds to spread and grow next year.
Why not?

They brought the beautiful blue birds, didn't they?

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