Wednesday, September 21, 2011

He Knows My Name

At 10:16 on a rainy Sunday morning,
Many years ago TODAY,
I made a squalling entrance into this world

Mom reminded me this morning!!

There have been a few unexpected and
unwanted paths.

There have been many joyous and welcomed retreats.  

All I really needed to know was,
“He Knows my name” 

Remember that
Life is short !!
Hug your children
Tell your family and friends that you love them

Love fully
Forgive quickly
Count your blessings. 

And  . . .  do not forget:

He Knows Your Name!
He knows YOU!
He will bring you out.
He will bring you through.

He calls his own sheep by name and leads them out.  John 10:3

Fear not, for I have redeemed  you;  I have called you by name;  you are mine.  Isaiah 43:1


  1. Happy Birthday to you.. and many more.. thanks for the blogs.. you are ageing gracefully..

    I read the other day that if you haven't grown up by age 50 then you don't have too.. I like that.. ha.. have an awesome year.. Tell that old guy that you're married to hello for me..

    I first remember this song when we sang it at the First Nazarene Church in a cantata that it was in.. I loved it the first time I sang it..

    Thanks for sharing it.. He knows your address and zip code number too and the hairs on your head.. which are getting less and less for me..
    Blessings Paul Robbins

  2. Hope you had a very blessed birthday! Thanks for sharing that. You were born to be a blessing!

    God Bless!!!!!!


    Marge & Lee Anderson

  3. My computer has been down again. I wanted to tell you "Happy Birthday"
    yesterday but couldn't. Hopefully, you had a good
    day, and aren't feeling too old. You are YOUNG yet!

    I just read your blog, listened to the song, and enjoyed the pictures
    and your thoughts. You have a special gift of expression!

    I like to read what you write. I have a bunch of messages to answer.


    Aunt June

  4. HE DOES know our names and HE has blessed you with another Birthday- Hurray Hurray. Vicky Pfizenmaier

  5. Okay, Janet,

    I've just GOT to say it: In spite of what others have said, you ARE oldER than me! Just realized today, that you are exactly 1 year 1 month older, minus a few hours. I think I was born around 1:20 AM? LOL

    This song was one of several that were sung at this year's Beth Moore's Simulcast a couple of weeks ago. Then we sang several of those songs at church the last two Sundays. And,I have had the wonderful privilege of awakening to one or more songs every day, since that Saturday! I don't remember all the words to the songs; but it doesn't take all the words to realize how wonderful God is, and how blessed I am to have Him in my life!

    Thanks for sharing yourself this way. I don't get my blog added to, but maybe "someday," I'll get back to writing. ha!