Saturday, October 1, 2011

The ONE who's gone astray

The farmer searches for his calf, when he finds him, he carries him out
 (Paraphase John 10:3)

(Look closely  behind all the cattle (in the very center of the picture above)  you can see the good farmer coming out from behind the bush, carrying his calf.)  
        Even though the farmer may own 100, he will leave the 99, 
to go in search of the 
one who has gone astray.   Matthew 18:12  

He gathers the lambs (calves) in his arms and carries them close to his heart; he gently leads those that have young.   Isaiah 40:11 (NIV)

He gently tends (feeds) his flock  - Isaiah 40:11a
He sets a table before him  Ps 23

He knows his cattle and his cattle know him  - John 10:14

Today I've witnessed a profound picture of our Heavenly Father

The good farmer has gently and lovingly; sought, found, and carried-out his lost.

the harvesting of soybeans has been stopped
the planting of wheat has been stopped
Everything has ceased, while he searches 

the farmer's wife has even been summoned

The lost is found frightened and bawling,
He willing goes with the farmer who gently cradles him
He even wags his tail, making soft bleating noises as he noisily eats his feast

This calf will now follow the farmer anywhere and everywhere
When the farmer drives up in his pick-up, the calf will coming running to him.

What an awesome man I married

But more importantly,  what an awesome Heavenly Father we have!  
He is continually searching for us, our hearts and our lives
He has so much good planned for us.
He knows us and knows that we are but dust - so human and forgetful
He loves us anyway.  

He longs to have us run to Him
where he will gently hold us close to His heart.

Never forget - God is NOT through with any of us yet.

He will pursue us relentlessly


  1. Great pictures and analysis!

  2. Janet, thank you so much for your comment today over on my led me here! I love this post. What a beautiful lesson from a day in your lives. :) I also LOVE your sidebar picture of the doggies riding in the truck. Very nice to meet you!

  3. Eileen - thanks so much. I love my dogs.

    I started following your blog because of a comment you made on someone else's. :)

    I love reading blogs and see how God speaks to them thro their own lives - which in turn speaks to me.

  4. Thank you so much for stopping by and taking the time to pray for me. As my Momma used to say "life gets tedious at times"!

  5. This is really moving, Janet. Thank you for reminding us of this wonderful image of our Savior. I'm so glad He came to find me when I was lost and that He lets me follow Him around. :) Pray that I never go astray again!

  6. I am SO glad He's not finished with me yet!!

  7. Love this, how you visually showed a very good paraphrase! Wonderfully done...