Sunday, December 11, 2011

I've been blessed

I was so excited and blessed today when I discovered that I had been awarded the neat Liebster award from Grace InAz.   Thank you, Grace.  You made my day.  
She had stopped by my blog recently and liked it.   
Check our Grace's  blog at:  Growing-old-with-grace
I know you will like it as much as I do.  

The Liebster award ("Liebster" is the German word for friend or love) originated in Germany. The aim of the award is to bring attention to blogs 
with fewer than 200 to 300 followers.

I am now passing this Liebster award on to the following blogs that I've discovered in my reviewing and reading of blogs.  

Please stop by and say "Hello" to the above bloggers. 

Here are the guidelines for accepting the award:

  1. Show your thanks to the blogger who gave you the award by linking back to them.
  2. Reveal your top five picks and let them know by leaving a comment on their blog.
  3. Post the award on your blog.
  4. Have fun and share the blessings!
  5. Save the Liebster image to your computer and upload it to your  blog.

 While you are out there hopping from blog to blog, be sure you take a minute to become a follower and to leave a comment of encouragement.  Make their day!

I can't begin to count all of the blessings I have received from fellow blog writers and readers since I began blogging a couple years ago.  

 It just makes my day and fills my heart with joy when I read your notes and laugh with your comments


  1. It's so nice that you've been encouraged, and that you are now turning around and encouraging others. Don't you love the Christian blogosphere? :)

  2. Thank you, and what a sweet surprise for my blog, Spiritual Memoirs 101! I'm honored and delighted. Now I need to get to work and do my part to pass it on to others. What fun!


  3. You are a blessing to us!
    Hugs, GraceinAZ

  4. It was so much fun finding other blogs and bestowing the award on them.

  5. Congratulations, Janet, on receiving the Liebster award! I'm so new to blogging that I couldn't find a link to contact you except through this comment. I just want to invite you back to my blog,, where I left a response to your comment. I also invite your blog followers to check out my blog . . . I am new at this, as I said, and trying to develop a following. Your blog is filled with interesting links to other blogs, and I will check them all out! I find this blogging world so immense, and the subjects very deep.