Saturday, April 21, 2012

message from the bulletin board (1)

What does your office space look like?  
What does your office say about you?
What message does your office portray?  

What kind of impression would another person glean about you just by seeing your office space.  

My office space happens to be in a hospital.  
Just down the hall east from the Emergency Room, the ambulance entrance and the helicopter pad.  
Just a few steps in the opposite direction from the Medical-Surgical nurses station. 

 It can be a little noisy with all the traffic past my little office.  There are a lot of troubling sounds and cries that reach my office.  
I NEED reminders of God's love and presence

Every Friday or Saturday, I will be sharing a message from my bulletin board.  
You see, I collect quotes.   I print them onto colored paper and place them all over my bulletin board as reminders to myself.  

I'm a very visual person.  
I need to SEE reminders.  
They need to be IN FRONT of me.  
Right over the top of my computer.  

Today I'm sharing the first reminder that I hung over my computer when I started my current job over 5 years ago.  

It's a little plaque that I found years ago 
You probably know it well
But . . . I need to be reminded 
I forget!

Do Not Fear tomorrow
God is already there!

Such a simple statement
Such a great vast promise

Our God is not limited by time
Our God is not limited by space

He is always there in our tomorrow 
He is always there in our hospital room;
Or on the airplane headed for home after an urgent phone call 
Waiting for us.  

Be careful that you do not forget the Lord . . Deut 6:12;  Deut 8:11;  
Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you.    Hebrews 13:5


  1. Thanks so much for this mate. I actually leave the office at home to Ray. He is messy and I am tidy. I use a laptop while sitting in a recliner..I even wrote my book on here.. Well, I once read that Laura Ingalls wrote on notepaper with a pencil.
    No matter where we are, Jesus is with us, Thank God for that. xxxx

  2. I have a corner in our large kitchen for my computer. It is fairly neat, but our actual office where my receipts and bills go -- sorry don't look.
    Thank you for visiting my blog and for your comments. May I suggest that you begin to enter some of the blog hops. I have one on Tuesdays for true stories.
    There is a trick to enter these, because you need the address of your original post. this is by clicking on your title and coping the address at the top of the screen. This is what you use to enter.

  3. Hello dear friend! I like to collect quotes too and this certainly is a very special one to read over and over. I sure hope you are able to share on Think on These Things. It is very encouraging!

  4. That is an excellent reminder. I enjoy quotes too.

  5. oh friend. i need those reminders too. my office is in a house crowded with children... i am often looking out the window at the sky. :)