Saturday, January 8, 2011

A New Year, A New Song

New Song
chādāš  šiyr

New is the Hebrew chādāš (2319) which indicates something new as in
 ‘never seen or done before’ 
Song  in Hebrew, is  Šiyr (7892) a type of lyrical or religious song.   It appears several times
in Ezra and Nehemiah to refer to songs of Levitical choirs. 
A wonderful meaning is created when these two words are used together.  
The term 'new song' appears 7 times in the OT and in each we see a new song
being composed in response to what God has done. 

Adam Clarke writes – “Fresh mercies call for new songs of praise and gratitude”. 
What could be more appropriate, as we start a new year
than to be reminded to sing a new song every day?  
After all, we have been promised new mercies each day from God. 
               Lamentations 3:21-23 (NIV)
                   21 Yet this I call to mind and therefore I have hope:
                   22 Because of the Lord's great love we are not consumed, for his compassions never fail.
                   23 They are new every morning; great is your faithfulness.
So each day's new mercies, new blessings, new joys, and
new triumphs should result in a new song from us. 
I sent the above comments about a new song to my parents on January 2nd. 
On January 5th, I received an e-mail response from my 88 y/o mother. 
After reading my e-mail my, Mom sat down and wrote me a new song - literally! 

She wrote it on January 2nd, the day I'd sent her my e-mail.

Mom sitting at her organ

She didn't send it until Januray 5th.
Why?  Why did she wait 3 days to send it?
I'm not sure.  But I think I know. 

I didn't need the song on January 2nd when she wrote it.
But, I did NEED the song on January 5th.
It had been a rough day, a tough week.
I was feeling overwhelmed.
I was feeling defeated. 

God knew what I needed when I needed it  
He always does. 

 Here's the song that God gave to my mother:

 Dear Jan,
Here is a new song.

It's time to sing a new song;
A sincere "praise to God" song.
Another year has come and gone;
Some days were short -
Some days seemed long
In all the days God gave a song.

The new song is much like the old.
It makes us think of streets of gold.
The love of God is still the theme,
How bright it shines through every scene,
It's depth of love has ne'er been told,
And never can though time grows old.

So I will lift my heart in praise,
A new-old song for all my days.
A song that tells of Jesus' love -
The home that He's prepared above,
A song of blessedness and peace,
And of a joy that will not cease.

And so a brand new song I'll sing
To Jesus my victorious King.

When I received this new song that God had given my mother for me, I cried. 
I was overwhelmed by my mother's love
I was overwhelmed by my God's love

I was again reminded that my God is never late
He's always on time
He meets us where we are, in a way that speaks directly to each of us, 
at the time we need it.

Amidst my tears, I was surrounded by a sense of peace
I don't know what is ahead for me this coming year.
But I do know this. 
Every day this year, and next year and the next,
there WILL be a new song for me.
Regardless of what is happening around me.

I just need to keep my eyes, ears, and heart open. 
There WILL be a new song -  and actually, there always has been.
I just wasn't paying attention.
I wasn't listening for that still small voice.
I wasn't looking.  

I'm trying to change my perspective this year.
I'll never find the good, the joy, the blessings if I'm not looking for them.

On January 4th, Fay Wirt and my grandson gave me a 'new song'.  

Fay left me a voicemail and I listened to it several times - she was laughing and chuckling about an e-mail that I had sent to her- referring to a humorous 1999 wheat truck incident on my 32 wedding anniversary.  Her laughter made me laugh. 

That evening my "new song" was hearing my grandson crying. 
Yes - his crying made me laugh. 
It wasn't, however, making my daughter laugh.

You see - I had just seen a baby, the same age as my grandson,
who was making NO sound at all. 

Those parents and nurses would have given anything to hear that baby cry. 
Eli's crying was music to MY ears.   
But not to my daughter's ears.

Perspective made all the difference. 
Who would think that someone's laughter and another's crying
would bless me. 

God knew - and he provided.

Wonder what my new song is going to be tomorrow. 
I can hardly wait until tomorrow. 

(You might enjoy reading the OT occurrences of new song.  Note how God is being praised for what He has done:  Psalm 33:3;  40:3;  96:1;   98:1;  144:9;  149:1;   Isaiah 42:10.  Note also the two NT occurrences of new song: Revelation 5:9;  14:3.  New is the Greek kainos (G2537), "something new in quality,"  having never existed before.  [from "Hebrew Word for the Day" by Dr. J.D. Watson] )

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