Thursday, September 16, 2010

Helicopters & a touch of anger on the road. .

THE HELICOPTER:  This morning as I was leaving for work, I heard a helicopter going over. 

Instead of recoiling with fear - as I have in the past due to my personal experience(s) with helicopters,  I ran out into the middle of the driveway to see if I could see it - - Just like in the old days.  Without even thinking about it. 

Two choppers flew straight over our house.  They were beautiful.   I'm healing more every day.  Thank you, Lord, for the little itty bitty steps that even I can see.

ANGER ON THE ROAD: On my way to work, I had a car run a stop sign and pull out in front of me. 
It was a wide-open intersection. 
You can see for a mile from there. 
In EVERY direction!!
What was the idiot thinking?? 

He never did get up to the speed limit and I could never pass him. 
I was furious. 

Now . . . I could have laid on the horn and blew it continuously as I ran right up to his back bumper, but I slowed down and ended up going under the speed-limit all the way to Clay.  Which was about 12 more miles.  I was so irritated. 

But I thought,
I don't know what's going thro that guys mind
or what might have just happened to him. 
I mean that could be ME someday. 
Distracted and go thro a stop sign. 
I wouldn't of course, but you never know. 

It's VERY hard to miss THAT stop-sign. 
You can't go straight there - you have to turn either North or south. 
Any 'clown' could see it. 

So I fumed all the way to town. 
I even had the license tag memorized.  It was hard not too! 
With him putting slowly in front of me. 
It started with an X and ended in 707 - if I remember correctly now, some 10 hours later

I passed him when I reached town when the road goes to 4-lanes. 

My first shock - It was some young girl.  I was shocked.  A girl, a woman? 

We got hung up at a stoplight in town and then I headed up to the hospital. 
Just prior to reaching the hospital, I noticed that she ("the clown" was right behind me. 

I turned into the employee parking lot. 
She turned into the hospital patient parking lot. 
She dropped off a little old lady at the entrance who could hardly walk. 
I ended up walking into the hospital with them.  :/

Do you suppose that little ole lady kept telling her to slow down?
Or was she in pain and the car movement hurt her more - so they were going slow? 

Thank you Lord!  For keeping your hand over my mouth and my hands off the horn!! 
How awful if I'd made a scene and then had to work with them in the hospital.  
I wouldn’t' have represented Jesus very well, would I? 

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